Books on the First Fleet & First Fleeters


Numerous books have been written on the First Fleet, First Fleeters and their times. Many of these are held in our First Fleet House Library, and may be accessed in our Reading Room. The lists so far .... more to be added ...


The First Fleet 

First Fleeters

  • Keith R Binney: "Horesmen of the First Frontier (1788 - 1900) and The Serpents Legacy"

  • Peter Bradley: "Convicted" - of James Bradley, Convict on the Scarborough

  • Dianne F Budd: "Into Good Ground A Family History of Caroline Laycock/Haycock"

  • Don Chapman: "1788 The People of the First Fleet"

  • Lt. Peter Chitty: "The Bishop of Botany Bay Rev. Richard Johnson"

  • John Cobley: "The Crimes of the First Fleet Convicts"

  • Joyce Cowell: "Memorial to a Marine" - William Tunks

  • Joyce Cowell & Roderick Cowell Best: "Where First Fleeters Lie"

  • James Hugh Donohoe: "The First Fleet Families"

  • Paul Fidlon, R J Ryan & Joyce Cowell:  "The First Fleeters A Comprehensive listing of convicts, marines, seamen, officers, wives, children and ships"

  • Mollie Gillen: "The Founders of Australia, a Biographical Dictionary of the First Fleet Sydney"

  • Mollie Gillen: "The Search for John Small - First Fleeter"

  • Annegret Hall: "In for the Long Haul: First Fleet Voyage & Colonial Australia" - Rope & Pulley family

  • David Hill: "First Fleet Surgeon The Voyage of Arthur Bowes Smyth"

  • Robert Holden: "Orphans of  History The Forgotten Children of the First Fleet"

  • Jonathan & John King: "Phillip Gidley King"

  • Jonathan King: "Mary Bryant. Her Life & Escape from Botany Bay" - Mary Bryant nee Broad/Braund 

  • Neil MacIntosh: "Richard Johnston Chaplain to the Colony of NSW"

  • Allen Maunder: "Sailing on the Hibbs Line" - Peter Hibbs

  • L F McDermott: "The Garth Trilogy & Bellett Prequel" - Edward Garth, Susannah Gough & Jacob Bellett

    • Book 1. Of Angels and Eagles

    • Book 2. Perseverance

    • Book 3. The Promise of Tomorrow"

  • Jessica North: "Esther" - Esther Abrahams/Julian

  • Michael Pembroke: "Arthur Phillip Sailor Mercenary Governor Spy"

  • Cassandra Pybus: "Black Founders The Story of Australia's first Black Settlers" - John "Black" Caesar, Samuel Chinery, John Coffin, George Francisco, Daniel/Janel/Jack Gordon, John Martin, Thomas Orford, John Randall, James "Black Jemmy" Williams, John "Black Jack" Williams - and also a later arrival William "Billy" Blue. However First Fleet Sailor George Nelson, a Cook, was not included.

  • Valerine Ross: "Cornstalks", "Hawkesbury Story", "The Everingham Letterbook" &  "Matthew Everingham A First Fleeter and His Times" -  Matthew Everingham

  • John & Mary Small Descendants Association: "The Small Family in Australia 1788 - 1988" - updates in 1995 & 2012

  • C J Smee: "First Fleet Families"

  • A T Yarwood: "Growing Up in the First Fleet" - Jane/Jenny Jones (later Rose) daughter of convict Elizabeth Jones

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