Convict, Lady Penrhyn c1764 - 1828


Died 11 November 1828, aged 64.


Frances Davis, late of Little Ilford, Essex, was sentenced to death at Chelmsford on 8 March 1786. Frances was sentenced for breaking into a house and stealing a canvas bag containing £178.12s.6d in money and bills totaling £654.14s.  She was reprieved to 14 years transportation on 10 April 1786. Frances was ordered to Southwark on 25 November 1786. She was later embarked on Lady Penrhyn at Gravesend on 31 January 1787. 


At Sydney Cove on 24 October 1789, Frances was given a child named Rebecca, after the child’s birth mother, Susannah Allen’s death. The baby died on 1 February 1790.


On 4 March 1790 Frances was sent by Sirius to Norfolk Island, and left the island in March 1793 by Kitty. In 1801 she was listed as ‘gone to England’.  Back in the colony, she married (as a widow) Martin Mintz, a widower, in Sydney on 10 January 1811. The marriage was witnessed by her friend Mary Marshall. Frances died on 11 November 1828, aged 64. She was buried in the same grave as her friend Mary Marshall in the Sydney Burial Ground.


Note: This information, which appears on the grave stone of Mary Marshall at the First Fleet Memorial Garden at Matraville, is based on research by Molly Gillen.




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