Francis Hannah Clement was born to Elizabeth Dalton (alias Burleigh) on Lady Penrhyn as the First Fleet voyaged to Botany Bay. John Clement, a seaman, was her father. Elizabeth was being transported for seven years for having stolen fourteen linen handkerchiefs from a London shop.


Frances Hannah was baptised at Sydney Cove on 20 April 1788 and came onto the April 1788 victualling list as Frances Dalton.


Frances grew up in Parramatta where her mother entered into a relationship with Thomas Arndell, the Medical Superintendent.


On 10 July 1790, Elizabeth and Thomas had a son, who was christened William Burleigh at St Johnís Parramatta on 5 September 1790. Unfortunately William lived only 19 months, and Frances lost her little brother. Frances Hannah outlived William by less than eight years and they are buried in the same grave.





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