James Jemmison/Jamison

Lived in Kent circa 1760- Died in the Colony1788.


“James alias Johnson”, late of the parish of St. Paul, Deptford, Kent, broke into a house and stole two green shag waistcoats, black satin breeches and a silver watch from two different owners. Sentenced at Maidstone on 19th March 1784 to seven years transportation to “parts beyond the seas America or elsewhere”, this was at a time when no destination had been determined. Within days he was one of eight convicts from Maidstone hustled to the Mercury transport for America. His name was variously spelt Jaminson, Jammison, Jameson.

After the convicts had mutinied in the Channel and brought the ship into Torbay, Jemmison was one of the 66 captured by Helena before they reached shore in small boats, and held on the night of 13 April in a boat moored under the stern of Helena. He was taken to Topsham by boat next day and committed on the 16th to Exeter gaol. He was remanded to former orders without trail by the special Commission called to preside at Exeter on 24 May.

Sent to the Dunkirk hulk at the end of June at the age of 23, Jemmison was “in general tolerably well behaved, but troublesome at times”. On 11 March 1787 he was discharged to Friendship, where Lieutenant Ralph Clark recorded him as aged 20 and with no occupation.


James Jemmison was buried at Sydney Cove on 10th June 1788.






To The Memory of

James Jammison.


In my new land I peacefully lay,

Sickness and hunger have sent me to find peace.

The earth is healthy and calling me to rest for ever-more.




Founders of Australia.

M. Gillen.


Verse: J. Mortimer # 6409



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