Jane Herbert.

Born in England c1746 -- Died in the Colony 1788.


“Jane Herbert otherwise Rose, otherwise Jenny Russell”.


Sentenced to transportation at the Old Bailey on 30 August 1786, had stolen a promissory note for 20 pound and used it to pay for a cloak, writing the name Jenny Russell on the back and the address 15 Norfolk Street, Strand. The shop-women said she took the note from “a very nice red morocco pocket book”, which the owner said resembled the one he had missed at the house of his host, where the women had been a servant for three years. She said she had picked it up at the door. The Court told her that she was lucky that the jury had been compassionate. “It is a horrid thing that servants will behave so”.


It is interesting to note that in a Greater London Record Office document for the August session 1786, Jane Rose and Jenny Russell are shown as separate entities both convicted of felony.


Aged 40, Jenny was sent to Portsmouth from Newgate on 30 April 1787 for embarkation on Prince of Wales. She was buried at Port Jackson on 23 September 1788.








The Memory of

Jane Herbert.


Jane’s passage of life ended,

as the Colony was beginning to grow.

Jane is held safely in the hearts of those who knew her.

May she rest in peace.




Founders of Australia.

M. Gillen.


Verse: J. Mortimer # 6409.



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