John Berry/Barry.

Born in England circa 1766—Died 1788 in the Colony.


John Berry (indicated thus but appearing as Barry in some records), aged 19, was sentenced to seven years transportation at Bristol Quarter Sessions on 23 November 1785

for theft of stockings.


Ordered to the Dunkirk hulk at Plymouth on 12 May 1786, he was “tolerably decent and orderly” there until discharged to Friendship on 11 March 1787.


John Berry was buried at Sydney Cove on 3 March 1788.





To The Memory of

John Berry.


Little do we know of John?

No longer a child, nor was he very old.

No time for farewells to folk he knew, not even to his Mother.

A dreaded illness took his life; so,

 John peacefully rests, down at Sydney Cove.




Founders of Australia.

M. Gillen.

Verse: J. Mortimer # 6409. 




Copyright Fellowship of First Fleeters