Mary Greenwood

  • First Fleet – “Lady Penrhyn”
  • Born in England 1763
  • A servant and prostitute sentenced to death at the Old Bailey on 11/5/1785 for stealing a cotton gown, cotton stockings and a linen handkerchief. The owner of said items had been going towards Bethnal Green when he met 2 women by Shoreditch Church. He went with them to a house in Kingsland Road giving them money for drinks. The candle was doused and he felt hands removing his money ( a 10 pound note, 7 guineas in gold, about 15 shillings in silver ) He ran after them and took hold of the women, but he received a violent punch and dropped his bundle. This contained the articles.
  • Mary Greenwood and George Partridge were accused of stealing. George Partridge was taken to the watch and Mary was taken later to Blunderbuss Alley where the missing goods but not the money was found.
  • George Partridge is thought to be a relation of Richard Partridge who Mary later married in Australia.
  • Mary was reprieved the following year on 13/1/1786 on condition of transportation for 7 years.
  • In 1793 she was living with Richard Partridge.
  • They married 5/11/1810 and were still living together on a farm in Parramatta in 1828
  • Mary died at Parramatta on 16/9/1837, she is buried at St John’s Parramatta.


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