H.M.A.T. Supply

Brig-Naval Tender-8 Guns

170 tons , 70ft long, 26ft wide.

Arrived with 55 Officers, Crew, Marines & 2 Convicts

Commander: Lt Henry Lidgbird Ball RN

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Naval Officers

PHILLIP Arthur -Captain RN

-Commodore of The Fleet -1st Governor of NSW

(transferred from HMS Sirius at sea)


BALL Henry Lidgbird -Lieutenant RN

BARNATT Thomas -Seaman

BLACKBURN David -Ship’s Master

BONE Joseph -Carpenter

BRAIDEN Samuel -Quartermaster’s Mate

CALLAM James -Surgeon

CARTER William -Able Seaman

(deserted 12 November I787 at the Cape)

CHASE Jacob -Armourer

DAVIS James -Seaman

DEMPSTER John Hamilton -Able Seaman

DUNLAP Gavin -Gunner

DWIRE Dennis -Able Seaman

FARRELL Ambrose -Able Seaman

FREDERICK John -Able Seaman

FURVIS John -Seaman

GOULD Peter -Boatswain

HICKEY Jeremiah -Seaman

(deserted 9 November 1787 at the Cape)

HOBBS John -Seaman

(discharged sick 7 July 1787at Teneriffe)

HOYER Frederick-Able Seaman

JACKSON Thomas -Able Seaman

(deserted 12November 1787 at the Cape)

JAY Richard -Able Seaman

JEFFRIES Joseph -Seaman

LAWSON John -Midshipman

McDONALD William -Seaman

MASSEY Richard -Gunner’s Mate

MELLON Charles -Seaman

(deserted 12 November 1787 at the Cape)

MOONEY Richard -Able Seaman

MOORE Samuel -Ship’s Steward

NICHOLAS John -Able Seaman

PARKER William -Midshipman

REID Robinson -Carpenter

REID Thomas -Able Seaman

ROBINSON John -Able Seaman

RUSSELL William -Able Seaman

SMITH Daniel -Able Seaman

SPOWERS William -Quartermaster’s Mate

SWESEY John -Seaman

TABREE Joseph -Seaman

TAYLOR William -Seaman

TOBERRY James -Able Seaman

(deserted 12 November 1787 at the Cape)

TOBERRY Joseph -Boatswain’s Mate

TOMLINSON Laurence -Able Seaman

WALTON Jacob -Able Seaman

WATERS Edmund -Clerk

WHITEHAIR Joseph -Sailmaker


DAWES William -2nd Lieutenant/Observer

GORE George -Private

HODDINOTT John -Sergeant

McMAHON Patrick -Private

MATHEWS James -Private

REILEY James -Private

RICHARDSON Richard -Private

ROGERS James -Private

ROOKSBY Joseph -Private

SIMMS William  -Private

TALBOT Peter -Corporal

(dv 20 November 1787 at sea)

THORNE John -Private

TODD William -Private

WINWOOD George -Private

WISE James -Private

WOODMAN Jonathon -Private


HAYNES William -Convict/Artificer

(transferred from Friendship at sea)

YARDSLEY Thomas -Convict/Gardener

(transferred from Friendship at sea)


dv- died on voyage

Produced by Erin Tompkin & John Boyd, June 2009

with the assistance of Signarama Wollongong.

Paintings of the First Fleet Ships by Frank Allen.


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