Joseph Bone

Lived in Plymouth

Born circa 1746/48.


Joseph Bone, age 40 from Plymouth, embarked on Supply on 24 November 1786 as carpenter’s crew. He was promoted to carpenter’s mate on 11 May 1787, but at Port Jackson on 13 July 1788 he was discharged, “being infirm”. Shipping home on Alexander, he died at sea on 27 July, probably from the scurvy that had decimated the crew.



The deep blue waters of the ocean.





To The Memory of

Joseph Bone.


Family not listed, Joseph worked as long as circumstances permitted.


Scurvy was noted to be the probable cause of his death.


His work on earth was done. 




Founders of Australia. M. Gillen.


Verse: J. Mortimer # 6409.


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