William Hubbard


William Hubbard of St Olive's Parish was committed with William Boggis for theft of a sheet and charged at Southwark, Surrey, on 3 February 1783. On 19 February they were sentenced to be publicly whipped, but appear to have been charged with a more serious offence (details unknown) and sentenced to transportation to America for seven years. From the New Gaol at Southwark Hubbard was sent to the hulk Censor on 8 April 1785, age 17, his occupation given as plaisterer.(sic).

From Censor, Hubbard was transferred to the hulk Justitia, and ordered to Portsmouth on 24 February 1787, embarking on Scarborough on 27 February.

In 1789 William Hubbard was a member of the night watch at Port Jackson. On 19 December 1790 he married Mary Goulding or Atkinson (age 20 on Lady Juliana 1789 embarkation list) both signing with a mark. They were settled on a 50-acre grant at The Ponds on 18 July 1791 and visited by Watkin Tench in December, when he reported Hubbard as a former plaisterer.

At mid-1802 Hubbard was renting 100 acres in the Northern Boundary District, with 40 acres cleared, six acres sown in wheat and 18 ready for planting maize. He owned two hogs, held six bushels of wheat and 15 of maize, and supported a wife, three children and one free servant.

He was also a private in the Parramatta Loyal Association.


In 1806 Hubbard held 70 acres at Mulgrave Place, granted to him in 1803, with 15 in grain, almost 50 in pasture, five fallow and a quarter-acre of garden. He owned three hogs. Hubbard, his wife and four children were off public stores. In 1806 Mary Goulding was recorded with four natural children, one son and three daughters.

In 1816 William Hubbard contributed to the Waterloo Fund, and in May 1820 he served as a constable, and was still serving as such in1825.

He lost his wife Mary on 4 September 1820. In 1828 his age given as 57, Hubbard (recorded as Hubbert) was working as a waterman in Sydney, from Harrington Street, The Rocks, employing a labourer. In the household at this date were listed Hannah Whitlock (Friends, 1811) wife of William Hubbard, Harrington Street Sydney, and her nine-year-old son William. As well, William's daughter, Elizabeth Crook (28), with three small children was living with her father.

William Hubbard died on 18 May 1843, his age given as 76, at the Sydney Benevolent Asylum. His children by Mary Goulding were Ann (1790), Thomas (1796), Elizabeth (c1800) and Harriet (1802).


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