William Evans.


Live in England circa 1747. Died in the Colony 1788.


William Evans was sentenced to death at Shrewsbury, Salop, on 12 March 1785 for theft of a black mare at Wellington. Reprieved on 28 December to seven years transportation beyond the seas, he was aged 38 when sent to the Dunkirk hulk, where his behavior was “tolerably decent and orderly”.


On 11 March 1787 he was discharged to Friendship, where in December he reported to Ralph Clark that rations for himself and John Petherick (qv) were being held back by other convicts.


William died at Port Jackson on 30 May 1788.







To The Memory of

William Evans.


All my darks and all my fears were

held in for all those years.

Now may I disappear?

As I rest in peace,

down at Sydney Cove.




Founders or Australia

M. Gillen.


Verse: J.Mortimer # 6409.



Copyright Fellowship of First Fleeters